The North Haven Education Foundation encourages and supports academic excellence through grants that enhance opportunities for students and the community beyond the conventional school resources.


  • Develop programs and opportunities that will enrich and improve education in North Haven.
  • Provide student opportunities that are not possible through conventional funding. 
  • Encourage teacher initiatives that enhance teaching and learning.
  • Increase the community’s involvement and support for the school system by strengthening communication among the educational, civic, and business communities.

What We Do

The North Haven Education Foundation, Inc. (NHEF) provides funding to support and enhance educational initiatives in the district’s public schools and the community. Since its formation in 2004, the NHEF has helped bridge the gap between increased demands placed upon the school system and a decrease in federal and local educational funding. We do this by awarding grant money to encourage the innovation and establishment of educational projects that touch the lives of as many of our students as possible.

Through various events and private contributions, the NHEF raises funds for educational programs that cannot be paid for within the town’s limited budgets. It does so by reaching out to parents, members of the community, and local businesses to assist it in this important mission. Through our Creativity Grants Program, the Foundation funds innovative and important educational projects that impact the lives of our students.  While most of the grant proposals come from local educators, community members are invited to submit grant requests as well. The Grant Committee reviews proposals on a rolling basis and awards grants based upon the criteria set forth by the Board of Directors. The NHEF hosts events such as the Adult Spelling Bee, Community Star, Trivia Night and Lights on the Green. 

To become a sponsor for one of our events please contact us at contact@nhedfoundation.org.  

Board of Directors

Bernard Pellegrino, Jr.

Kathy Rocklin
Vice Chairman

Patricia Brown

James Marshall
Executive Secretary

Claudia Gantham
Creativity Grant Chairman

Linda Battalene
Anna Buono
Stearns Bryant, Jr.
Ratiya Collins
Brian Coughlin
Patricia Jackson-Marshall
Mary Jane Mulligan
Debbie Volain

Superintendent of Schools: Patrick Stirk

First Selectman of North Haven: Michael Freda

Frequently Asked Questions